A Private Examination

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A Private Examination
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Samuel De Wilde

A Private Examination

London S Tipper, 1st. March 1809

Etching with aquatint

190 x 300 mm

Traces of old folds


Mrs, Clarke, lightly clad, reclines on a small table; beneath her is a paper: Ordered to Lie on the Table [i.e. of the House of Commons]; she says: How much longer need I LIE. From under her petticoats trails a long garter inscribed Si qua [word illegible] meliora putat. She is supported (right) by Cobbett and his protégés, and is attacked from the left by Fuller who aims a blast at her from a large pair of bellows inscribed Rose Hill Bellows. Beside him stands Perceval, in his Chancellor of the Exchequer's gown, directing at her rays from his mirror of Truth. He says, I Perceive all. Fuller says: Ill blast her no Forging here you baggage / "And still I blew a Fuller blast / "And gave a lustier cheer." Burdett kneels beside her, holding up a small barrel of Whitbread's Entire Hogshead on which is the head of Whitbread; with this he tries to shield her from the rays of Truth. He is supported by Lord Folkestone who says: Cobbett stands by me and I'll support you. In his pocket are papers: Notes for Cobbett. The much taller and bulkier Cobbett holds him up, saying, Talk of Portland Stone [see No. 10718, &c.]—I say there's nothing like Folke Stone. Under Mrs. Clarke's table lies Wardle, with Ravish'dLetters [see No. 11232], looking up at her with a sly grin. On the wall is a picture inscribed Distant View of Newgate & Pillory BM 11234