The Country Club

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The Country Club
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Henry William Bunbury

The Country Club.

London, ca.1790

Stipple engraving.

Original hand colouring

225 x 325 mm

Trimmed close to image.


A smaller version of BM 7452. The interior of a large club dining room, with a number of middle aged country squires standing about chatting while waiting for dinner to be served. Hats and canes hang on the walls with a copy of the Club Laws and a skewed print of a huntsman. In the background servants bear in huge platters of food and on the right a fat, grinning clergyman prays over a large punchbowl, a long nosed man sniffs a decanter of Brandy appreciatively while clutching a decanter of Rum in one hand and a fat, bandy legged dog squats under the table.