The Fall of the Temple; - of Rome

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The Fall of the Temple; - of Rome
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(Charles Williams)
The Fall of the Temple; - of Rome
London, S Fores, April 20th. 1807
Original hand colouring
250 x 350 mm
Trimmed to border.
The bulky Temple lies prone, face down-wards and bleeding at the nose. His arms are extended towards two burst bales of stationery, whose contents are pouring out. He says; God and Innocency Defend and Guard us!! Buckingham Richd. III. In the background is a ruined gothic church with a shattered apse. Under his leg is the Catholick Bill. His left hand rests on a sheet of accounts headed Pay Office with a Total £300.0.0. The stationery consists of bundles of pens, large large packets of paper inscribed Fools Cap and Wove Post, with sealing wax, scissors, pen-knives, and ink-pot. Among the pile is a second account headed Board of T(rade) with Total £300.0.0. With the bales is a porters knot, showing that Temple had tried to carry them off on his shoulder, but had fallen, breaking open his packages.
Lord Temple, on leaving office was absurdly accused of having carried off large quantities of stationery.
BM 10722