The Th.. .. .. In Danger

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The Th.. .. .. In Danger
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(William Heath – pseud Paul Pry )
The Th-- -- -- in Danger
London, T McLean (Feb 1828)
Original hand colouring
250 x 355 mm
Main title is above the design, below is inscribed: There is a Power. before the Throne--& a Power behind the Throne—greater than theThrone itself,--Vide L—d K—gs Speech—. Wellington, on the left in uniform and very erect, stands before the King, who, very plainly dressed, sits on the throne, right foot on a footstool. He holds up a large cross-hilted sword (the Sword of State) which forms a slanting line between the King and himself. He holds behind him his large plumed cocked hat, from one point of which hangs a paper : Military Commission to throw Dust in John Bull’s eyes.  Two papers project from his pockets : Church Patronage and Army Patronage. The King looks at him in puzzled displeasure. Lady Conyngham on the right, holds apart the curtains behind the throne and looks out with a well satisfied expression. The crown is on a table beside the Duke.
In the debate on the Address, Lord King raised the question of the Corn Laws, and Wellington’s unsatisfactory  attitude towards them, since he ‘had not only the common and ordinary powers of Prime Minister, but had concentrated in himself the civil and Military power .. The old saying that “There was a power behind the throne  greater than the throne itself ” seemed to be totally reversed ; for there seemed to be a power before the throne more formidable than the throne itself ‘
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