Charles XII at Bender.

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Charles XII at Bender.
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William Hogarth
Charles XII at Bender.
Illustration for La Motraye’s Travels.
London, A. de La Motraye 1723-4
Copper engraving
A 1st state of the illustration that Hogarth executed for the publication of the French diplomat and traveller Aubry de La Motraye's (1674-1743) Travels Through Europe, Asia and Part of Africa. The young Hogarth had got the job as an illustrator for this work through the recommendation of his old drawing master Louis Cheron. The other illustrators to this series had largely copied the Turkish and Greek figures from the recently published work of the Frenchman P. La Hay after the work of Jean-Baptiste Vanmour, artist to M. de Ferriol, the French ambassador to the Sublime Porte between 1698-1710. However, Hogarth's illustrations for this work are at even this early stage in his career easily distinguishable from those of his hack colleagues. Remarkable for their originality and freshness, instead of simply blindly copying La Hay, Hogarth has invented new poses and compositions. The latter plates deal with King Charles XII of Sweden’s four year stay at the Sublime Porte, his campaigns in Norway and subsequent death. Paulson 37 1st states