The Rival Candidates

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The Rival Candidates
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John Doyle (pseud HB)
The Rival Candidates
London ,T McLean August 8th. 1830
Original hand colouring
280 x 380 mm
Two hustings, receding in perspective, are divided by the heads and shoulders of an election crowd forming the base of the design. The candidates face each other. The one on the left, whose dress and physique suggest a stong man at a fair, is introduced by a fashionably dressed man ; The Honle. Gentleman opposite has certainly a most extraordinary chin and when he places his claims to your suffrages upon that broad and ample basis, it must be Granted that he rests his hope upon some foundation; but Gentlemen the Candidate whom I propose to you possesses such transcendent superiority in this important feature that I fell Boaied up with confidence, when I claim for him your triumphant preference (cheers) & Gentlemen permit me to add that in the event of his return which I now consider certain (cheers) few orators in the hon. House will command more attention or be listened to with so much pleasure !
The crowd below, who have a placard ; Musical Wonder Michel Boai, cheer Hurra Hurra. All face this candidate, who holds his fists against his chin, neglecting Sir Alexander Grant, who stands opposite, hat in hand, pointing to his own heavy chin and bullet-shaped head. Behind the latter are two anxious supporters, one is the Duke of Wellington.
Grant was returned for the Borough of Westbury (Peels recent seat) . Boai was a popular Tyrolese performer who played tuneson his chin with is fists.
BM 16219