Old Nunke and his Hopeful Nephew

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Old Nunke and his Hopeful Nephew
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Laurie & Whittle (publishers)
Old Nunke and his Hopeful Nephew
London, 20th. March 1798
200 x 250 mm
Either side of the table sit a fashionable young man and his uncle. The bespectacled uncle is reading the Courier, a decanter and glass of wine by his elbow. The young man leans imploringly across the table, hand outstretched towards his uncle.
Below the image a secondary title reads
Ringing the Changes—or Quizzing my Uncle.
Text below this continues ;
Old Gentleman | Reading | Last Monday a Society of College Youths Rang a Peal of 4000, 500 Changes, in the Space of two Hours and twenty-Minutes, upon a Set of Treble-bob Majors, being the Shortest time ever known, “ what do you think of that Jack”
Nephew---Mere nothing Uncle---I Ring the Changes to the Tune of more than double that Sum in Half the time, on two Generals, and one Simple-Colonel,---will you Lend me a Hundred Pound for two or three days Uncle”.