Cheyt-Syngs. Ghost

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Cheyt-Syngs. Ghost
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Cheyt-Syngs. Ghost

London, S W Fores May 9th. 1788


Original hand colouring

250 350 mm


A rare caricature on the hastings affair. Hastings shrinks in terror at the apparition of  Chait Singh, who emerges from clouds, a rope round his neck, his left hand held up threateningly. His turban id inscribed Cheyt Sing. They stand on opposite sides of a rectangular table covered with a fringed cloth, behind which sits a lady reading a book which lies on the table; The State of India. Her dress and large feathered hat are heavily deckerd with jewels. Hastings, who wears oriental dress with a jewelled turban, has overturned his chair, on its back are the initials W H. Two Indian servants stand behind Hastings. In the centre of he wall behind the lady are shelves with money-bags, some inscribed Rupees and Pagod(as) , jewels and a large turban inscribed Cheyt Syng.

A generalized attack on Hastings relating to the first or Benares charge of the Impeachment.

BM 7315