“Fashion gains Custom”

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“Fashion gains Custom”
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From the series of Crinoline prints.

A scene in a shoe shop, where a fashionable young lady, seated on a chair, lifts her skirt as she raises her leg to put her foot on a cushion, her boot lays on the floor beside her. A young attendant kneels before her ready to assist.

Behind are rows of short boots on shelves.

Below the image is inscribed ;

Lady.  Do you always have females in attendance upon Ladies here !

Shopwoman.  Oh yes Miss we have found it necessary since Crinoline has been in Fashion.

Lady.  Well I don’t know so much about that, I do see any impropriety in men waiting upon Ladies, in fact I think it quite right they should.

Shopwoman.  Just so Miss, I very often wait on Gentlemen Customers & they appear to like me rather than otherwise, they always seem pleased.