Varnishing. – a Sign

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Varnishing. – a Sign
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A ladder leans against a beam from which hangs a sign-board, a framed half-length portrait of William IV, crowned and holding a scepter.On the ladder is Brougham in Chancellor’s wig and gown, he leans towards the portrait, holding a pot of Varnish and daubing the King’s face with a big brush. From an upper window leans Grey, saying,  Canning used to talk about a Red Lion but I say that in our reforming times there is nosuch sign for a re (crossed out)Publican as a King’s head, though a Star & Garter is not to be despised. Brougham says; I think that considering I was not bred to the trade, I am not a bad hand at bedaubing a King,-- after all to produce effect, I find there is nothing like plenty of Varnish

A satire on the use made by the Whigs of the King’s name in the Reform campaign.

BM 16714