Legitimacy in Commotion (or all wrong with Divine Right)

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Legitimacy in Commotion (or all wrong with Divine Right)
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 Charles X and the duc d’Angouleme stand in the foreground, the former in court dress with orders, the latter plainly dressed, wearing cloak and sword. The ex-King says; Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the fate of Kings (Richard II, III,ii). His son, Oh dear! Oh dear! In the middle distance the Bey of Algiers walks off to the left with bowed head, holding a long pipe, he laments; God is great!- wonderful ashes have fallen on our heads! In the background tiny thrones are tottering. Rather nearer is the Times Office, with a long lever slanting from a window across the (invisible) Channel, which has lifted, as by a fishing-rod, the crown from the head of an astonished King, surrounded by gesticulating courtiers. A throng of tiny fugitives From France rush form right to left.

An early reference to the European consequences of the Revolution of July.

BM 16237