John Gilpin!!!

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John Gilpin!!!
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William IV as Gilpin  rides a galloping Grey horse (Grey) past the inn  at Edmonton. He has lost his stirrups, his crown flies off, the beer-bottles at his belt explode; they are inscribed Rotunda Pop and Birmingham Froth. He rides over geese wearing coronets, and has overthrown an old apple-woman (Eldon). Two men follow on galloping horses,Hume and O’Connell, who shouts Make way! Make way we’ve a great Stake depending on it. Cobbett, holding his gridiron is indicated behind. In the foreground, behind a barrier, stand the Radical members for Westminster; Burdett lifts his hat, saying Go along never mind the Geese and old women!; Hobhouse; I think the Grey is evidently running away with him. In a doorway stands a fat John Bull as turnpike keeper,  grinning broadly and raisinh his arm, he shouts ; Go it my Lads never mind the Turnpike. In the overhanging balcony are six women (Gilpin’s wife and her party), the most conspicuous being Wellington, who leans forward to shout Good Mr. Gatekeeper Stop him he doesn’t know where he is going. Others are identified as Twiss, Peel, and Goulburn.

A sequel to William IV’s dramatic dissolution of parliament.

BM 16679