Scene before Carlton house.. or a last Struggle to get in---

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Scene before Carlton house.. or a last Struggle to get in---
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The crowd in front of Carlton House fills the greater part of the deisign, the background being the lower part of the pillared screen and windows within the gateway. On the right ladylike young women, with their dresses partly torn off and in great distress, walk dejectedly from the building; a constable (? Townsend) looks over the gate at them holding out his staff, and saying, None of your sort are to be admitted. A man wearing a cocked hat, evidently McMahon, leans from a window to help a young woman to climb in. In the foreground left members of the Opposition struggle unsuccessfully yo make their way through the crowd towards the house. Grenville bends forward, while little Lord Lansdowne crouches beneath him. Sheridan picks the pocket of a man in backview, saying, Damn it you’l not shut us out sure. Behind him is a profile head, stiffly erect, intended for Moira.
On the 26th. June, the last day that the public were admitted to see Carlton House, the crowd were so large and so ill-managed that ladies had their dresses torn off, and some were seriously hurt.
BM 11730