Dinner of the four in hand club at Salthill

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Dinner of the four in hand club at Salthill
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George Cruikshank

Dinner of the four in hand club at Salthill.

London, M. Jones June 1st. 1811, The Scourge


Original hand colouring

231 x 367 mm

Traces of old folds as issued


A scene of drunken disorder, the members drinking toasts, fighting, or asleep. A long table littered with bottles, some broken, glasses, &c., extends across the design. On the extreme left is the chairman's seat, empty. It is surmounted by a gigantic broad-brimmed hat and flanked by whips. On the back is a design of a coach-wheel surmounted by a similar hat and having the motto 'Prime Bang Up' [see No. 11700]. A man stands on the table drinking, holding up decanter and glass. One man smokes a pipe and holds a frothing tankard inscribed 'Tempest'. Most of the members wear coaching-dress, some with hats of varying patterns. A man wearing a coat with multiple capes sits tipsily on an overturned chair, holding a whip and imaginary reins, as if driving a four-in-hand. Next him is a man who spills wine from a goblet made of a skull and inscribed 'Trumpeter scull' [see No. 11711], showing that he is Sir Godfrey Webster. He wears a new-fashioned overcoat, with high collar without capes, double-breasted, with large buttons inscribed 'Tally ho'. Two men lie on the ground, one vomiting into his hat. The space behind the table is packed with men fighting and shouting. Raised above the others is a man playing a fiddle. On the walls is a placard headed 'Resolutions Passd at the Last Meeting of the Four in . . . Resolved . . . [signed] Buxton.' There are two pictures, one of a man driving an open carriage and four, apparently a 'landeau-vis', and one a man driving a coach and four, inscribed 'Royal M[ail]'.