Love Feast

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Love Feast
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Samuel De Wilde

Love Feast

London, S Tipper 1st. October 1808

Etching with aquatint

190 x 340 mm

Repairs to old folds with slight loss


A sequel to BMSat 11080. A 'love-feast' is in progress in a bare room lit by a torch held by the Devil above the head of Huntington's bride. Huntington holds the hand of a small woman who looks at a picture (or mirror) held out to her by a 'fat mid-wife'; on it are small ragamuffins or imps. The Devil holds out a pair of breeches to a wretched literary hack (r.) whose tattered coat and shirt hang over naked legs. The latter takes the breeches with delight; from his pocket projects a paper: 'Huntington rescued from the Attack of the Satirist'. On the left. are hideous men and women; a man pours the contents of a bottle into the mouth of a debauched-looking woman. A man shows a 'Warrant f Bastardy' to a woman with a repulsive infant. In the background (r.) are demons emptying one sack of coal, and filling another with gold. On the wall is a placard: 'Bank of Faith this Lucrative Concern to be Disposed of the Present Proprietor retiring from Trade'. BM 11083