Frontispiece to the Satirist

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Frontispiece to the Satirist
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Samuel De Wilde pseud ‘Thomaso Scrutiny’

Frontispiece to the Satirist)

London, S Tipper, Leadenhall Street for The Satirist. October 1st, 1807

Engraving (Coloured impression)

Trimmed within platemark, repairs to old folds

180 x 340mm


A tall well dressed man flourishing a whip, holds out a paper inscribed Satirist towards a group of ex-ministers and others who fill the centre of the design. Some of these are conscious of his presence, others are absorbed in conversation. On the left, Burdett on crutches, his right thigh bandaged, looks around nervously; under his slippered foot is Paull’s Pamphlet. Horne Tooke, wearing a bonnet rouge and clerical bands, supports him; across his legs is written Wimbledon Expenditure. Windham, holding his Training Bill, and with a paper at his feet, inscribed Plan for Blowing open Hell gates , is in consultation with Whitbread who holds a tankard of his own beer and tramples on a paper: Melville’s acquittal. Both look serious. Behind is the profile head of Temple with a pile of Stationery on his head. Grenville, in back view, looks over his shoulder; from a pocket project a cross and a document; he tramples a Letter to Dr Gaskin. Facing him are Erskine, St Vincent (or perhaps Fitzpatrick) Howick and Petty holding a dancing master’s fiddle, with a book of Country Dances at his feet. Moira, in uniform and wearing a cocked hat, clasps a cross and tramples on Protested Bills. Behind him is Kemble in profile, in theatrical dress and with the letter H repeated on his collar. In front of him Sheridan declaims theatrically to the right where a fat woman stands holding a bottle in each hand. At his feet are papers; Little Red Riding Hood and The Forty Thieves. In front of Moira and Sheridan a club, the Whig Club lies on the ground, broken. In the background watching Sheridan, are actors, including one with a dog, others flourish clubs. Behind, Drury Lane Theatre is sketched, the statue of Apollo having lost it’s head. Behind the ‘Satirist’ are other groups in the background. A blindfolded man walks off holding a book: Barouche driver & his wife; he walks after a lady with the Princes feathers in her hair, and a second man. Next to these is another group; Skeffington stands full face holding a paper; at his feet is a paper inscribed Sleeping Beauty. Behind him are two men and a fierce looking lady. On the horizon is a barouche on a tiny scale containing a man who puts his arm round a lady holding up a parasol; facing them on the back seat are two ladies. At the feet of the ‘Satirist’ is a pile of books, three inscribed Persius, Juvenal and Horace, with a pen and paper. Above him in the sky is a royal crown irradiated. Above the centre group an old man with wings, wearing a fools cap, leans from dark clouds, playing a fiddle. The ‘Satirist’ is George Manners, founder, editor and part-proprietor of The Satirist or Monthly Meteor. BM10764