Anacreontick’s in full song.

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Anacreontick’s in full song.
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James Gillray

Anacreontick’s in full song.

London, H Humphrey, 1st. Dec. 1801


Original hand colouring

240 x 310 mm


Eight elderly topers with pipes and glasses surround a small oblong table, on which are punch-bowl, wine-glasses, tobacco, &c. All are much caricatured; some sing, a parson sleeps, a dog howls. The room is lit by a chandelier; a bracket-clock points to 3.40, on it is carved a Bacchanalian figure of Time astride a cask. A bust portrait of Anacreon holding pen and paper is on the wall (left). Above the design: ' - "Whilst, snug in our Club-room, we jovially 'twine - The myrtle of Wetius with Bacchus's Wine."' BM 9764