Buonaparte leaving Egypt

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Buonaparte leaving Egypt
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After James Gillray

Buonaparte leaving Egypt.

London ca. 1810


Original hand colouring

280 x 200 mm


Bonaparte stands on the sea-shore, about to embark (on 23 Aug. 1799) in a boat (left) which will take him to a ship in full sail (the 'Muiron'). He looks with a sly leer to the right, where a little band of ragged and emaciated French soldiers hurry towards him making gestures of dismay. He wears the embroidered fastened coat or tunic with a sash of authentic portraits, without a hat; he points up towards a vision in the sky surrounded by massive clouds of a sceptre and imperial crown superimposed on the revolutionary fasces and axe. Above the general flies a figure of Fame, smiling sardonically and pointing down derisively. Two soldiers in cocked hats who stand in the boat waiting for Bonaparte to embark greedily hug large money-bags. A plank slants from the boat to the shore. The boat has a figure-head composed of two heads facing opposite ways wearing a single coronet. Behind the French troops is a small encampment with tricolour tents and flags. Behind this stretches a vast Turkish camp with crescent flags. Beneath the title: 'For an illustration of the above, see, the Intercepted Letters from the Republican General Kleber, to the French Directory, respecting the Courage, Honor & Patriotic Views, of - "the Deserter of the Army of Egypt" BM 9523A