The Night Constable

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The Night Constable
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R Cooper after George Moutard Woodward

The Night Constable.

London, S W Fores, Sept. 8th. 1785

Stipple engraving

380 x 280 mm


The interior of a watch-house, a burly watch-man stands facing an elderly constable who sits frowning in his arm-chair. He holds out a broken lantern and points to a thin, fashionably dressed, and apparently drunken man who stands beside him with closed eyes, holding a large stick in his left hand. Next to the constable is a clerk writing at his desk. A map of h Parish hangs on the wall, and a sleeping dog lies by the burning hearth. Beneath the title is engraved; Watchman. This wicked dog did lift his hand, First knock me down, then bid me stand; The peaceful neighbours he awoke, And then the Knave my lanthorn broke, At which the Villain loud did Laugh, \so down I knock’d him with my staff. Constable. If so:--you Justice did yourself, Therefore begone thou prating Elf. A satire on the tricks played by watchmen on those they falsely charged with having broken their lanterns. BM 6879