The solicitor general for the French Republic

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The solicitor general for the French Republic
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Isaac Cruikshank the Elder

The solicitor general for the French Republic

London, S W Fores 18th. Feb. 1793


375 x 270 mm


Fox, wearing the rags of a sansculotte under a long legal gown, stands directed to the left, looking down and to the right with an expression of sly meditation. He wears bands and a large legal wig, with tattered stockings on his otherwise bare legs. Across his corpulent figure stretches a tricolour belt inscribed 'Republicanism'. He stands on a floor of black and white squares. An owl looks down upon him from a perch (right). In his right hand is a scroll, the brief of the Republic: '1st Insist, we have done Every thing we ought to have done 2 They have Provoked us Neglected and treated us with scorn. 3 How desirous we were of Peace Fraternity & Equality. NB not to mention our underhand Proceedings. 4 Soften the Massacres. 5 Abuse our Adversarys 6 If likely to Termiate [sic] against us to Demurr to the matter of form or move an Arrest in Judgment' B M 8305