The rara-avis or the devil turnd bird catcher

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The rara-avis or the devil turnd bird catcher
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The rara-avis or the devil turnd bird catcher

London, E Hedges Feb. 19th. 1784


Old hand colouring

240 x 300 mm


The Devil is about to hang a monster with the heads of Fox and North. This creature, with the body and wings of a goose and the legs of a man, has the head of Fox, while on the back of the left thigh is the head of North. The scene is outside the gateway of the 'TREASURY', supported by Corinthian columns. Fox stretches out his goose's neck towards the Treasury, saying, "I'll stretch my long Neck and get in if I can." The King, wearing a crown, leans out of a window immediately over the gateway, saying, "Curse on those who would ruin their Country and King." A gallows stands in front of the gateway. Fox is thrusting his neck through it in his efforts to reach the Treasury, but a noose, of which he seems unaware, is round his neck; the cord from it passes over the gallows and is held by the Devil, who says, answering the King, "I will, says Old Nick, for they are now in the string". He is a satyr, powerfully built, with horns, a beard, and a barbed tail. North, whose head is turned right, looking away from Fox, says, "I am d------d that I e'er coelig'd with this man". His face expresses horror, while that of Fox is complacent. A row of buildings (right), at right angles with the treasury, forms a background. B M 6414