A Veteran's address to a young sailor

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A Veteran's address to a young sailor
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Isaac Cruikshank the Elder after Woodward

A veteran's address to a young sailor

London, R Ackerman 13th. August 1803


Original hand colouring

360 x 235 mm


Heading to a broadside, 'Printed by D. N. Shury, Berwick-Street, Soho'. A stout elderly officer (l.), in naval uniform with long pigtail, addresses with outstretched l. arm a young sailor, putting his right. hand in his waistcoat pocket. The youth, who has short curly hair, stands hat in hand, cane under his arm, listening intently; he wears short blue jacket, knotted neck-cloth, white trousers, and low buckled shoes. The 'Address': 'You are now, Young Man, entering on a scene of life the most glorious and enterprising - that of an English Sailor. . . . An imperious and daring Invader threatens to approach your shores. . . .' He is adjured to remember Drake, Howard, Blake, and Pocock, Russel, Boscawen; 'Duncan, brave Cornwallis, Howe, Warren, Hood, the famed St. Vincent, and the undaunted Hero of the Nile! . . . Farewell! be vigilant, be bold - true to your God, your Country, and your King!' BM 10065