Playing in Parts

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Playing in Parts
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James Gillray

Playing in Parts.

London, H. Humphrey May 15th 1801


Original hand-colouring


Trimmed to border, misc neat repairs, slight overall browning and time staining


A rare musical caricature. A group of ugly, elderly, amateur musicians are ranged about a pretty young woman who sits playing a small square piano, an expression of grim determination on her face. On the left an enormously fat cellist sits leaning forward in his chair, peering at the score, behind are two flautists and on the right is an elderly, skinny, bald violinist. A howling dog sits on top of some musical scores scattered on the floor. In the background a pretty young woman flirts with a handsome officer, the sword of a bowing officer has indecorously lifted the dress of a stout dowager, and couples stand about chatting, ignoring the music. BM 9766.