The Times

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The Times
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The Times

London, S W Fore, April 10th. 1784


Original hand colouring

200 x 190 mm


Fox stands full-face with a wooden right leg supported by a crutch under his right arm. His left hand is held towards three winged fish, flying away from him, to each of which is tied a loaf. They are inscribed 'Loaves & Fishes'. Across Fox's waistcoat is inscribed 'Bowels of Compassion for India'; his paunch is shrunken as compared with its normal size. The head of his crutch is that of North, the crutch itself is inscribed 'Majority of the House of Commons'. The wooden leg is inscribed 'Popularity', the other leg 'Oratory'. A man (left) stoops down holding a flaming torch to the bottom of the crutch, while he empties a bag inscribed 'Gun Powder' on the ground at its foot. Behind is the outline of a hill above which (left) rises a sun surrounded with rays, inscribed 'Pitt' and 'Sun rise'. Low down (right) a setting sun is half below the horizon; its rays are smaller and shadowed by clouds. This is inscribed 'Fox' and 'Sun set'. BM 6516