The Diaboliad

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The Diaboliad
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The Diaboliad

London Magazine March 1777


Original hand colouring

120 x 180 mm


A Satirical illustration to "The Diaboliad" by William Combe; the Devil crowning an elderly man, Lord Irnham, five other contenders stand to the right; two approach together, one with a blank face on which is inscribed 'Whitlow'; he holds in his hand a book with the title 'Simiramis' and wears a military gorget round his neck; of the next couple, one holds a horsehoe in his left hand, a pen marked 'A' in his right; from his coat pocket projects a letter to Miss Hunter, in riding dress; last in 'Volpone', Charles Fox, with a fox's head, holding dice; surrounded by demons and smoke; Inscribed below image: "To reign is worth ambition, tho' in Hell. ' / Milton" BM 5424