The Coalition Party beating up for Recruits

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The Coalition Party beating up for Recruits
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The Coalition Party beating up for Recruits

London, Ca. April 1784


Original hand colouring

200 x 255 mm


Fox, North, and Burke form a recruiting party: North stands (centre) holding a pike, his hand on his hip, saying, "All gentlemen Voluntiers who will serve his Majesty Carlo Khan, repair to the Portland Block, or the Sign of the Duke------". On his high grenadier's cap is the word 'Coalition'; a fox's brush hangs from it and on its summit is a fox suspended above the points of a compass like a weathercock, the fox pointing to 'N'. Fox (right) beats a drum saying, "Present Pay, good Quarters and a handsome Landlady" (the Duchess of Devonshire). Burke (left), taking a ragged recruit by the hand, addresses him with raised forefinger : 'Join the Coalition and you shall be cloathed'; the recruit says, 'Serjeant Kite & Corporal Trim for ever!' Burke wears a Jesuit's biretta (cf. BMSat 6026) decorated with a fox's brush and the words 'Sublime & Beautiful' BM 6484