Gladiator Pugnans

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Gladiator Pugnans
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James Sayers

Gladiator Pugnans

London, H. Humphreys, 17th. March 1794


Original hand colouring

295 x 230 mm


Fox stands on a pedestal turned from the spectator and lunging forward to the left, his left arm extended to strike the Royal Arms. These, inscribed 'G.R', are in the upper left corner of the design; the lion and unicorn look fiercely at Fox. In his right hand, which is held out behind him, he grasps a paper as if speaking in the House of Commons. On the top of the pedestal is a large book on which he stands: 'Good Ground of Opposi[tion] Subscription Book'. On it and between his feet is a cylindrical money-box, padlocked. BM 8438