The Impeachment

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The Impeachment
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James Sayers

The Impeachment

London, ca. 1788


Original hand colouring

270 x 370 mm


The managers of the impeachment of Hastings advance (left to right), led by Cornwall the Speaker who, raising his hat, holds out a roll, 'Articles of Impeachment', to Thurlow. Only the point of the Chancellor's hat and his hands, one holding the bag of the Great Seal, are visible on the extreme right. Burke, frowning fiercely, is next Cornwall. Immediately behind him is Francis, his left hand on Burke's shoulder, fixing Thurlow with a baleful glare; under his right arm is a large rolled document inscribed 'Evidence of Accusation'. Next are Fox and Sheridan facing each other, Sheridan in back view. Behind are Sir James Erskine with an imbecile expression (cf. BMSat 7151), and John Anstruther (M.P. for Fifeshire boroughs) whose back is turned to Erskine. On the extreme left is Windham facing Andrew St. John. Behind them, seemingly taller than the others, and wearing a hat, is Courtenay. Beneath the design is etched: 'And after five Days the High Priest descended with the Elders and a certain Orator named Tertullus who informed the Governor against Paul And when he was called forth Tertullus began to accuse him saying &ca' BM 7268