House-Breaking, before Sun-Set.

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House-Breaking, before Sun-Set.
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R. Butters (Publisher)

House-Breaking, before Sun-Set.

London, R. Butters, 6th. Jan. 1789


Original hand colouring

320 x 250 mm


Political satire; under a sinking sun in which is drawn a crown, with the words "Obscured, not lost", a masked figure with a crow-bar labelled "Begum Sophistry" and the Prince Regent with a broken axe labelled "Presumptive Rights" try to break down the door of the Treasury, while another picks the lock, labelled "G R" with keys labelled "Tropes"; behind them stands a man in black with a lantern labelled "Loyalty", a belt labelled "Truth" and a clapper labelled "Vox Populi"; from the window of the Treasury, Pitt attacks the house-breakers with a blunderbuss labelled "Constitution". BM