What a treat / I wish you may get it !

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What a treat / I wish you may get it !
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Henry Heath

What a treat / I wish you may get it !

London, S. Gans 1829


Original hand colouring

260 x 380 mm.

The sheet has been cut to leave two separate engravings


Two companion satirical designs on one plate; the left-hand design: a ragged and thin boy holding up a chipped plate to a portly and quizzical grocer, who stands behind his shop counter holding a bread (or butter) paddle, the boy saying 'Two pen'orth of scrapings and if you please, Mr Stilton, Mother says you must send it good, cos she's got company-a coming!!'; the right-hand design: a hopeful young girl wearing pattens, leaning confidently on the counter of a general shop, saying 'If you please Mr Tomkins to give my mother change for sixpence, and she will send you the sixpence next week.', the shop owner leaning down to her with a perplexed expression, his glasses on top of his head, a sign on the counter advertising 'Hunts match[...]'