A Curious Junto of Slandering Elves - or -Listeners seldom hear good of themselves

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A Curious Junto of Slandering Elves - or -Listeners seldom hear good of themselves
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George Cruikshank

A Curious Junto of Slandering Elves

London , H. Humphrey Jan. 27th. 1817


Original hand colouring

250 x 350 mm


A companion plate to No. 12922. Three elderly women seated at a round tea-table listen avidly to scandal which the fourth gloatingly reads from a pile of letters. The latter's gouty foot rests on a footstool; a parroquet sits on the back of her chair; a cat and three kittens disport themselves at her feet and under the table. One of her listeners uses an ear-trumpet, another lets the hot water from the urn overflow the teapot and flood the table, whence it will reach the gouty foot. The table is enclosed by a curtain on a curved rod which serves as screen. Behind it (right) a fifth woman who, unlike the others, wears youthful and quasi-fashionable dress, with curls, frills, and flowers, listens in dismay. Behind her is the open door and the head of a staircase. Over the door is a Cupid, blindfolded and asleep, his bow unstrung. Books, together with the 'Morning Post', lie on the floor: 'The History of a Totoishell Male Cat in 3 Vols', illustrated with a print of a cat (see No. 11126); 'The Golden Dream'; 'Sermons against [the] Sin of Lying'; 'Moor's Almanack'. BM 12923

From the collection of Dr. C.S. Warren, Descendant of Dr. Joseph Warren of Bunker Hill fame.