The Cholic

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The Cholic
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George Cruikshank

The Cholic

London, G. Humphrey Feb. 12th. 1819


Original hand colouring

210 x 260 mm

Some staining to the image


An elderly woman, lean, old-fashioned, and spinsterish, sits on a settee, shrieking and contorted with pain. A rope is wound tightly round her waist, the ends held by vicious little demons (left and right), who tug with all their might. Four others attack her with spear, trident, needle, and knife. On the wall (right) is a picture of a fat, disreputable-looking woman drinking, bottle in hand, by a bedroom fire. BM 13438 From the collection of Dr. C.S. Warren, Descendant of Dr. Joseph Warren of Bunker Hill fame.