Punch Cures the Gout, the Colic, and the 'Tisick

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Punch Cures the Gout, the Colic, and the 'Tisick
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James Gillray

Punch cures the Gout, the Colic, and the 'Tisick

London ,H. Humphrey 13th. July 1799


Original hand colouring

260 x 340 mm


A rare medical Gillray. Three revellers sit at a small round table on which is a large punch-bowl, each holding a full glass. A fat man in an arm-chair (right), full-face, each gouty bandaged leg supported on a stool, his left hand bandaged, and wearing a dressing-gown, with jovially contorted features, declaims the first part of the title. His neighbour, a young woman with her hand clasping her waist, declaims the second part. A wretched invalid (left), with stick-like limbs, looking on the verge of the grave, repeats the last part. The words, inscribed in scrolls, form the only title. They are the words of an old catch which continues: 'And is by all agreed the very best of physic' A patterned carpet, and cast shadows on a plain wall, complete the design BM 9449

From the collection of Dr. C.S. Warren, Descendant of Dr. Joseph Warren of Bunker Hill fame.