A Cockney and his Wife going to Wycombe.

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A Cockney and his Wife going to Wycombe.
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James Gillray

A Cockney and his Wife going to Wycombe.

London, H. Humphrey 10th. June 1805

Etching with aquatint

265 x 375 mm


The pair, seated in a gig, drive (r. to left.) along a country road, preceded by a mongrel dog carrying a large bone. The man drives the miserable hack with the air of an expert, flicking a heavy lash over the animal's neck. He is smartly dressed with side-whisker, swathed neck-cloth, high collar, and top-boots. His almost spherical wife takes his arm. She holds a little closed parasol, and wears gloves above we elbow. The feather and trimmings of her hat float behind her in the wind. On the side of the gig is a pestle and mortar, showing that the man is an apothecary. The emaciated and decrepit horse has broken knees and gaping wounds under the collar and harness; one pastern is swollen. Birds fly towards it, scenting carrion. A broken milestone (r.) is inscribed 'Miles from London'. After the title: "Vednesday was a veek, my Vife & I vent to Vest-Vycombe, vhether it vas the Vind, or vhether it vas the \ "Veather, - or Vat it vas! - ve vhip'd & vhip'd - & vhip'd! - & could not get off a Valk! BM 10471

From the collection of Dr. C.S. Warren, Descendant of Dr. Joseph Warren of Bunker Hill fame.