Sad Sloppy Weather

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Sad Sloppy Weather
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James Gillray

Sad Sloppy Weather

London, H. Humphrey 10th. Feb. 1806


Original hand colouring

255 x 210 mm


One of a set of seven plates by Gillray, BMSat 11094-100, all with the same signature and imprint. A stout, elderly, well-dressed man walks along a pavement past a ramshackle hovel, holding, reversed, a closed umbrella, which he uses as a walking-stick. He steps on a stone which tilts, splashing his white stockings with filth. From a rotten pipe which runs down the adjacent building a black flood drips and streams across the pavement. From an (invisible) upper window hang ragged garments, dripping down the wall. Broken crockery and refuse lie against the edge of the pavement. BM 11096

From the collection of Dr. C.S. Warren, Descendant of Dr. Joseph Warren of Bunker Hill fame.