Progress of the Toilet Dress Completed

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Progress of the Toilet  Dress Completed
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James Gillray after ‘an Amateur’

Progress of the Toilet Dress Completed

London, H. Humphrey Feb 26th. 1810


Original hand colouring

280 x 220 mm


One of a set with the same signature and imprint, see Nos. 11608, 11609. The lady, dressed for the evening, stands before the pier-glass, drawing on a long glove. She wears an apparently simple dress of sprigged muslin, high-waisted and décolletée, showing her ankles, with draped shoulder-strap. The tight curls of the wig have been loosened to simulate natural (short) hair. A miniature or pendant hangs from her neck, above the elbow is a massive bracelet. The maid stands behind her mistress holding a shawl and fan, and with a hand held up as if in admiration at the result of her long labours. The book-case is open but with a key in the lock, and contains two volumes of 'Delphine' and one of 'The Monk' [see No. 9812]. The picture on the wall is 'Evening': a lady in full toilette walks, holding a fan; below it hangs a large ornate bag or reticule. The dog stands on a chair (right), gazing at its mistress. On the floor is a book: 'Gallery of Fashion dedicated to the Beau Monde' open at a fashion-plate of two ladies walking. BM 11610

From the collection of Dr. C.S. Warren, Descendant of Dr. Joseph Warren of Bunker Hill fame.