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James Gillray



Bohn c. 1850

200 x 275 mm


Originally published 23 January 1788 Prince William Henry seated in a hammock tenderly embraces a pretty African or mulatto girl; they gaze into each other's eyes. He is in profile to the right, and wears naval uniform with striped trousers, a star on his coat. The hammock is slung above a chest inscribed 'Pe Wm Hy.'; a coil of rope, a cask of 'Jamaica Rum', and a cannon indicate the Prince's ship. Beneath the design is etched: '------Far be the noise Of Kings & Crowns from us, whose gentle souls Our kinder fates have steerd another way, Free as the forest birds we'll pair together Without rememb'ring who our fathers were. And in soft murmurs interchange our souls