Junction of Parties

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Junction of Parties
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James Gillray

Junction of Parties


Bohn c. 1850

350 x 250 mm


Originally published April 25th. 1783 North (left) and Fox (right), back to back, excreting into a pan bearing the Royal Arms which stands between them. The Devil stands, crouching, with one foot on the bent back of each; he holds a long shovel in his right hand, with which he stirs the mixture in the pan; with his left hand he holds his nose. He is a characteristic Gillray devil with bat's wings, a human torso, satyr's ears and legs, and the feet of a beast of prey. A disk or cup supported on a point, rests on his head. The scene is outside a closed door in a stone wall. Over the doorway is a scroll, inscribed, "CATAPLASMA BELLIi ET PACIS, VEL COMPOSITIONE INFERNALIS". Under this scroll is the inscription, "To be used as the universal SALVE-ation of this Kingdom | By the KINGS ROYAL LETTERS PATENT, | The Original Warehouse------by------Messrs Reynard & Boreas." Below this and on the architrave of the door is a framed print, 'The Fox & Geese'. A fox standing on his hind-legs plays the fiddle to a row of geese, who stretch their necks and cackle. Prints of fox and geese, the geese representing the Westminster electors, were common. See BMSat 5843, &c. This coarse design is powerfully drawn. North, wearing a nightcap and his Garter ribbon, is in profile to the left. He is much caricatured and has an expression of sulky melancholy. Fox, three quarter face, with his unkempt hair, bushy eyebrows, and "gunpowder jowl", has a more sinister scowl