The fall of Phaeton

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The fall of Phaeton
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James Gillray

The fall of Phaeton


Bohn c. 1850

255 x 355 mm


Originally published 1st. July 1788

The Prince of Wales falls headlong, but gracefully, from his high phaeton, and is about to land on Mrs. Fitzherbert, who lies face downwards on the ground, on hands and knees, her petticoats over her head, leaving her posteriors bare. The reins have broken, the horses, which are drawn with much spirit, are running away (right to left). In the background is a wall, over which appears the head of an interested military officer. A yokel seated on the wall lifts his hands in astonishment. After the title is etched: '"Th' imaginary Bride with Beauty glows, "For Envy magnifies what e'er She shows. Ovid.'