Evacuation of Malta

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Evacuation of Malta
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James Gillray

Evacuation of Malta


Bohn c. 1850

260 x 360 mm


Originally published 9th. February 1803

Addington, chapeau-bras, squats in profile to the left over a cocked hat into which he evacuates papers: 'Guadeloupe', 'Martinique', 'St Domingo', 'Cape of Good Hope', 'Egypt', and (the last) 'Malta'. Napoleon (left), very small and thin, holds him by the cravat and threatens him with a sabre, saying, "All! - all! - you Jean F-t-e! - think yourself well off that I leave you Great Britain!!!" Addington, terrified, says: "Pray do not insist upon Malta! - I shall certainly be turned out! and I have got a great many Cousins and Uncles & Aunts, to provide for, yet!" A French officer in uniform, (?) Andréossi, holds out his cocked hat to catch the papers which fall from Addington. He says, holding his nose: "My General, you had better not get him turn'd out - for we shall not be able to humbug them any more." Napoleon wears a huge cocked hat with tricolour plume and a tricolour sash with immense spurs on his Hessian boots.