Duke William's Ghost.

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Duke William's Ghost.
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James Gillray

Duke William's Ghost.


Bohn c. 1850

260 x 360 mm


Originally published 7th. May 1799

The Prince of Wales lies on his bed, partly dressed, in a drunken stupor, head downwards, right arm hanging to the ground, where are broken bottles and spilt wine. The ghost of his great-uncle, William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (1721-65), immensely fat, and naked except for cocked hat and sabre, emerging from clouds, stands at the bed-side (right), holding up an hour-glass whose sands have nearly run out; in his right hand he raises the bed-curtains which frame the design. He warns the Prince of the effects of drink and corpulence. See BMSats 9383, 9384, 9385, where the warning is extended.