Anti - Reform Reform

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Anti - Reform   Reform
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A. M.

Anti – Reform Reform

London, T McLean July 21st. 1831

Lithograph by C Motte.

Original hand colouring

270 x 370 mm


A rare satire on the reform bill, depicting two coach drivers. To the left, the fat, red-faced anti-refrom driver is seated on his plush red cloth, embroidered with a coat of arms. He is dressed in the finest full livery, two red roses pinned to his breast, he faces sternly ahead to the left. He holds a full tankard of beer in his left hand, his crop and reins in his right. The Reform driver on the right, seated on a rustic bale of hay, is casualy dreesed, one leg crossed over the other and his right hand in his trouser-pocket. Clay pipe hanging from his mouth, he turns his head with a sly look towards the other driver. Not in BM cat.