Iohnny MacCree at Confession

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Iohnny MacCree at Confession
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Charles Williams

Iohnny MacCree at Confession

London, S W Fores March 29th. 1805


Original hand colouring

350 x 250 mm


Pitt on the right, as a bare-footed monk with a large tonsure, sits in a high Gothic chair. Melville, in Highland dress and holding his feathered bonnet, kneels before him in profile to the right., saying, "Ye mun knaw - I have got into a little wee scrape, - and as ye knaw you and I ganarally rowd in the same boat - I want to ask your advice." Pitt looks agitated, and puts out his hands with a deprecating gesture; he says: "Dont implicate me I request - I that am compleatly Imacculate. Except laying a few trifling Taxes on Income, Births, Marriages, Burials, Houses, Windows, Tea, Coffee, Wine, Horses, Dogs, Carriages, Wills, Agreements, Servants, Hats, Receipts, News-Papers, Letters - Bricks, Tiles, Pepper, Salt, Cyder, Perry, Malt, Hops, - and such like iconsiderable things - , I dont think I ever did a paw - paw - action in all my Life. - however I'll endeavour to procure you absolution, for old acquaintance sake." BM 10378