A Calm A Squall

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A Calm   A Squall
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James Gillray

A Calm and A Squall

London, H. Humphrey May 16th.1810


Original hand-colouring

265 x 370 mm each

A Calm trimmed within platemark, neat repair to border on left.

£1100 The pair.

A Calm A seaside scene on a hot day. The central figure is a tall young woman, in a muslin dress with bare arms and neck, holding an opened parasol above her head and carrying a patterned scarf. A fat ‘cit’ trudges along, much distressed; he mops his bald head with a handkerchief, holding his hat with a wig inside it. A family party, forbidding and censorious, is grouped on the left, with a panting dog. In the middle distance are the sands were can be seen fashionably dressed people, and a bare-footed fisher-boy with his net. Bathing-machines are in the sea, with tiny figures in the water, another with a horse is about to enter the water. BM 11615 A Squall A violent storm of wind and rain strikes promenaders on the sea-shore. The dress of a fat woman blows over her head, and her umbrella is blown inside out. A dog facing the wind looks up at her. On the right a man tries to walk against the wind. In the middle distance one man trudges along the sand with his hat tied on by a scarf, another chases his hat which has been blown off. On the sea a boat tosses in the surf, vessels on the horizon lean at dangerous angles, waves dash against a cliff. The heavy clouds are patterned with flashes of lightening. BM 11614