Bent on Love, or Love's last Shift

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Bent on Love, or Love's last Shift
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After Jean Baptiste Isabey

Bent on Love, or Love’s Last Shift

London, March 1819

Stipple engraving

Original hand colouring

195 x 195 mm


Robert Owen, much caricatured, with a large head sunk in his shoulders so that he resembles a hunchback, walks beside a tall handsome and elegantly dressed woman who takes his arm, his head being below her waist. He is dressed as a dandy, wearing a flamboyantly bell-shaped top-hat, and walks with arms akimbo, holding a cane under the left arm. They are identified as (Robert) Owen and Miss Beaumont, perhaps the Miss Beaumont whose acting at Covent Garden was praised by H. E. Fox in Dec. 1820. 'Journal',

BM 13363