A Hint to Young Officers

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A Hint to Young Officers
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James Gillray

A Hint to Young Officers.

London, H.Humphrey July 9th. 1804


Original hand colouring

380 x 255 mm


Lord Moira, a candle in each hand, stands in the doorway of his house. He wears a dressing-gown in place of a coat He has opened the door to a young officer, who steps forward unsteadily raising his cocked hat. An ugly watchman (l.) in Highland dress trudges to the left. holding his staff and lantern; he is the only figure who is caricatured. The architrave is surmounted by an earl's coronet. The dignified doorway is set in a wall of heavy stones and flanked by two windows high above the cobbled street. Below the title: When loud the Watchman cry'd the Hour And call'd 'till he was hoarse - "Past Twelve o'Clock! Then down the Lord of the Castle came His Aad-de-Camp to meet - And when his Aid de-Camp he espied All shivering in the Street - Thou'rt welcome here, dear Aid-de Camp The generous Noble said Altho' it is past 12 o'Clock And Servants all in bed Thou'rt welcome here, dear Aid de Camp Put down your Hat & Cane; Walk in & Sup, we'll make it up, But, don't do so Again! - Parody upon ye Red Cross Knight' Moira, as C.-in-C. of the forces in Scotland, was very popular. Tom Sheridan was for a time his aide-de-camp, and the incident related was said to be Moira's attempt to teach consideration for his servant, exhausted by the young man's late hours BM 10297