A Long Pull a strong pull and a pull altogether.

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A Long Pull a strong pull and a pull altogether.
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Thomas Rowlandson
A long pull a strong pull and a pull altogether.
Publishd by Thos Tegg 1813 Novr 25 London
Original hand colouring
250 x 350 mm
The representatives of six of the Allies, the most prominent being John Bull, stand on a bluff (left) tugging at a rope by which they pull a row of seven uniform Dutch men-of-war from the opposite coast. The ships are small, their sails are inflated by a favourable wind; they fly Dutch flags, one inscribed 'Texell Fleet'; John Bull, a stout 'cit', pulls side by side with a Spaniard in slashed tunic, ruff, and feathered hat. Behind this pair a Russian wearing a fur hood steadies the rope. A Prussian Death's Head Hussar hauls at the end of the rope, his back to the sea, but looking over his shoulder. Beside him is an Austrian officer, while a Portuguese or Sicilian waves a feathered cap. On the extreme right, behind the Dutch fleet, are two little figures making frantic gestures: Napoleon waving his sword exclaims:
"Oh Brother Joe—I'm all Fire, My Passion eats me up
Such unlooked for Storms of ills fall on me
It beats down all my cunning, I cannot bear it
My ears are fill'd with Noise my Eyes grow dim
And feeble shakings seize every Limb."
Joseph stands behind, his crown at his feet, saying: "Oh Brother Nap Brother Nap we shant be left with half a Crown apiece [see No. 12068]."
The ships are filled with Dutch sailors; others are on the shore (right) pushing at the stern of the nearest ship in order to launch her. This partly obscures the others, which are in line, diminishing in perspective. A ship's boat rows towards the horizon. A large sun (right), irradiated and inscribed 'Sunset of Tyranny', sinks into the sea. Between it and the coast (left) is a row of five men-of-war at anchor, flying the flags of the Allies, their poops in a line. The ship on the right, nearest Holland, flies a Russian flag, the next, with the highest masts, flies British flags. In the foreground (left), lying at the base of the bluff on which the Allies stand, are two casks inscribed 'Real Hollands Best Double Proof' and 'Genuine Spirit Neat as Imported'.
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