A Parody on Milton !

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A Parody on Milton !
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Thomas Rowlandson
A Parody on Milton!
London, Thomas tegg 1808
Original hand colouring
250 x 320 mm
A lean shambling spectacled man, resembling a slipshod tailor, stands by a bed (right) rapturously welcoming a hideous drunken trollope who staggers into the room, holding a glass and a bottle of 'Geneva' (gin). Outside the door is a pretty young woman, interested and amused. He exclaims:
"On she came—such as I saw her in my dream—
Grease was in all her steps—Geneva in her hand,
and every Gesture, reeling ripe for fun!!"
Below the title the lines from 'Paradise Lost' (Book viii, 11.487-9) are correctly quoted
BM 11142