The Yorkshire Bumkins mistake

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The Yorkshire Bumkins mistake
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Charles Williams after George Moutard Woodward
The Yorkshire Bumkins mistake.
London Pub.Aug 6th 1812 by Thomas Tegg.
Original hand colouring
240 x 350 mm
An obese country footman stands at the door of a large town house, addressing a fashionable London servant, who stands (left) between the two pillars of the porch, his hands behind his back, legs astride. The latter says: "Tell the Dowager, My Lady is gone to Court." The other: "Gone to Court!! come thats a good one—I thought she was married— you Lononers be strange people to be sure—Gone to Court! Mercy on us! why where I come from the Leadies always expect—that of the Men." He wears a gold-laced cocked hat and livery coat; a gold-headed cane is in his right hand; his left hand is in his coat-pocket (a characteristic of uncouth servants in these prints). Behind him is a bull-terrier, behind the other a greyhound. In the background are the trees of a square backed by houses, with a statue in the garden suggestive of Berkeley or Cavendish Square. In the roadway a coroneted sedan-chair is borne off by two liveried chair-men, preceded by two footmen.
BM 11979