Dressing for the House on the -- March 1829

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Dressing for the House on the -- March 1829
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William Heath
Dressing for the House on the - March 1829
London, T. McLean March 24th 1829
Original hand-colouring
Trimmed to border
John Singleton Copley 1st Baron Lyndhurst stands in his dressing room wearing his Chancellor’s wig, shirtsleeves, black breeches, black waistcoat and stockings. He puts one arm into a ragged black coat held out for him by his liveried valet who says to him ‘ Your Lordship’s Coat is become very threadbare for you know you turned it only last year & it has been turned before that’ ....... can’t you afford to buy a new one now her Ladyship earns her own Expenses?  On a settee on the right is the Mace, Purse of the Great Seal and his Chancellor’s gown. Lyndhurst is here accused of being a careerist, political turncoat and cuckold. He had contrived to remain Chancellor under the disparate regimes of Canning, Goderich and Wellington. The ambitious Lady Lyndhurst apparently hated her husband as a husband and had taken as lovers firstly the enormously wealthy Lord Dudley and secondly the Duke of Cumberland, however, she stuck to him closely as a partner and was reputed to labour ceaselessly to advance his political career.  (See also no 178) BM 15705.